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US Naval Civil War Reenactment

Presentations Available

US Navy Officer Civil War Uniform
Lieutenant Commander, USN

MRA is pleased to announce that we have a civil war naval reenactment available for schools, meetings, etc. Our reenactors live the life of a fictional US Navy Officer - Lieutenant Commander Ezra Seals and family.

This US Civil War family is based in Norwich, CT. Lieutenant Commander Seals commanded a gun boat, USS Nathaniel Brewster, which was sunk by the CSS Virginia on 8 March 1862. He was in the first four year class at the Naval Academy and served aboard two ships of the line before being given command.

While in command of the Brewster, he fought several small skirmishes on the Potomac in defense of Washington, D.C., he participated in the invasion of North Carolina as part of the Anaconda Plan, and had the misfortune to engage the CSS Virginia.

His new assignment is aboard one of the newest classes of gunboats and upon assuming command his ship is expected to join in the blockade of the Confederate States of America in the Western Gulf Squadron

Lieutenant Commander Seals will arrive in period naval uniform and will be completely unaware of modern conveniences. Having served aboard steam ships and sailing vessels and had several battles he will fascinate audiences with his tales of life in the 1850s and 1860s.

Commander Seals generally speaks for about 45 minutes and leaves 15 minutes for questions and answers. More or less time can be made available.

Commander Seals' family, with enough notice, can be available as well. He tells of what life is like for the children living in the 1860's in a city which produces vast amounts of milled fabrics and hand weapons. With Norwich as a huge manufacturing center, port, and railhead he has seen many wondrous things and people in his life.

Let this family relate to you what life was like 155 years ago. Actually living in a pre-Civil War home they can weave a story of what daily life was like - from the daily hardships of keeping a fire constantly going for food and heat - to the monumental struggle to retain the Union as seen through their eyes.

Confederate one dollar bill Commander Seals requests a $20 donation which helps defray his costs of accouterments (this is completely voluntary) - which he pays to his sutler and any travel expenses. Additionally, Commander Seals provides period coins and bills (with their own fascinating history), period writing utensils, sword, kit bag, maps, and pictures.
Union 25 cent bill

Please indicate topics you would like Commander Seals to speak to (i.e. life in the 1860s, Norwich history prior to 1862, Naval life). Also indicate the intended audience (i.e. grade 1-2, high school juniors, annual meeting of historical society) and desired length of talk.

Please note that Commander Seals will only be able to provide information from his point of view. For instance if asked questions about General Lee, he will only point out that information which he has heard or read. Being a sailor he has only a little knowledge of what the armies are doing. However, he is well read, and will most certainly give his opinion about current (1862) events.


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