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Cody the Bear's Magnificent Adventures

Cody the Bear is a Vermont Teddy Bear. But more than that he is a rare breed - a Green Bear. You see, Cody was born somewhat green in coloring - because he is made of recycled plastics. Now Cody is not your ordinary bear. No, sir. He likes to hike and travel all around North America. He goes on many adventures with his friends and companions, and he makes friends everywhere he goes. He's usually spotted riding in a back pack, but occasionally he gets out for examining things up close. He likes to poke his nose up close. I think he likes to smell the flowers.

Cody was named in honor of Cody Lundin of Dual Survival. Both Codys love the outdoors and work hard to minimize human's impact on it and also have great outdoor skills and natural wonder at all of nature's bounty.

Cody's picture

We picked Cody up on August 11, 2011. And here you can see him at Ben & Jerry's on his first day with us. He is a very friendly and curious bear, but sometimes it gets him into trouble as you'll find out as we write about him. We will provide links to document his travels so that this won't be too long a page for you to scroll through.

Cody's picture


Cody's Last Green Valley's Walktober 2016 adventures