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About Us

Our Overview

We are a volunteer couple With over 70 years total experience in the engineering field. MRA has put together a series of instructional presentations on astronomy, engineering, Civil War history, and letterboxing aimed primarily at the next generation, though adults will be equally fascinated.

Geoff was appointed as a NASA Solar System Ambassador in 2018 and continues to perform outreach for schools, civic organizations, and all scouting programs


Owner's Message

See our list of presentations in Astronomy and Civil War for more details. In addition we give presentations on letterboxing - the slowest growing activity in human history. We also do a stamp creation activity for beginning letterboxers.

If you are part of a Boy or Girl Scout den or troop email us at astronomyatmcleanresearch.com to join you for an astronomy event during one of your campouts. We are also in the GSofCT Program Resource Book with a variety of pre-scheduled events and presentations.