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Nash Genealogy

McLean Research Associates is pleased to make public it's on going commitment to the Nash family Geneaology. Geoff and Kim McLean have both been doing their genealogy for well over 25 years and will endeavor to collect and publish the next update to the "Descendents of Thomas Nash of New Haven, Connecticut" written by Rev. Sylvester Nash, and updated by Deborah Lee Rothery in 2003.

I do not expect to begin seriously compiling information until about 2018 at which time we are planning on beginning to do serious traveling and research.

We are, however, collecting information, which Ms. Rothery has forwarded to us from time to time, so we currently have several large sections of the next book. Each generation will have to add it's own lines in and doubtless the lines will grow to significant size. As the rate of growth of the population of the world decreases, we will see the volume size stablize, I believe, but the number of lines increase. Please write to me with any changes you might have. If you send me anything, please keep a copy for yourself. In case of disaster having copies physically separated should prevent irretrievable loss.

As much as is possible, I intend the next volume to be as automated as possible, building on the work that those who came before me did. If you have any reservations about copyright of photos, revealing dates, events, or people, please let me know when you submit information. I will flag all the data in a database so it's extraction will not occur until whatever release dates occur. As a software developer, I am very much aware of the changing technology in our field and will endeavor to keep all things current.

Feel free to email me and let me know what you might like to see on this web site for the Nash family. I'm more than happy to help everyone out as much as possible.

      160 Laurel Hill Ave.
      Norwich, CT 06360
Email:      nash@mcleanresearch.com