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US Naval Civil War Reenactment

Percival Drayton, Flag Captain, U.S.N.

Geoff has obtained a copy of all the correspondence of Flag Captain Percival Drayton. Captain Drayton was Admiral Farragut's Flag Captain and rose from Commander to Flag Captain in four short years. Overlooked by history for his flashier commander, Captain Drayton is a wonderfully interesting individual - born a Charlestonian, and deeply anti-slavery - he expresses his opinions using the pen leaving no doubt about his convictions. He served as the first captain of the first ship of the second class of Monitors - the USS Passaic. His letters concerning his ship's material condition leave no doubt as to his opinion of Ericsson's Monitor follies. Captain Drayton's usage of colorful language may offend some in the audience, however, to convey fully the emotional impact we do not alter the language he would have used in daily life. While modern society frowns on the use of certain words they were quite common in the 1860s and therefor we use them as well. So if you have sensitive ears we suggest you seek shelter in some other harbor while this talk is given.

Percival Drayton
CAPT Percival Drayton