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US Naval Civil War Reenactment

Infernal Machines

In this talk, Geoff McLean, dressed in period naval uniform will give an in-depth talk of submarines and submarine warfare in the Civil War. Did you know that there were at least 20 and maybe 24 or more submarines in the Civil War?. Submarines served on both sides of the conflict.

Geoff will come equipped to talk about the recent discovery of the existence of the USS Alligator - the true forerunner of the modern submarine. Additionally, he will discuss what the US Navy and NOAA are doing to find the Alligator. He will also discuss many Southern submarines and "David" class semi-submersibles.

Submarines operated in many theaters of the war and it is fascinating to find out that two opposing submarines were in the same theater at the same time.

Torpedoes terrified Union crews as did submarines. Learn how a torpedo was used from a submarine to sink the USS Housatonic. Was the USS Tecumseh sunk by torpedo or submarine?

To learn more about the hunt for the USS Alligator visit

U.S.S. Alligator The U.S. Navy's first submarine
Proud to be an organizational partner of Connecticut Civil War Commemoration sponsored by Central Connecticut State University.