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US Naval Civil War Reenactment

The Night the Confederacy Was Lost

Although the nation still had a horrendous amount of blood left to shed, the Confederacy was doomed the night Rear Admiral David Glasgow Farragut and his fleet ran past the forts south of New Orleans. New Orleans was the Confederacy's largest, most industrial, and international city. The utter failure of the government in Richmond, Virginia to protect this vital city ensured that the Confederate States of America could never have become a sovereign state.

In this presentation we discuss what was done to protect New Orleans, what wasn't done, and most importantly who was responsible on both sides. The world was watching as the events of 1861 and early 1862 unfolded and the European powers were debating whether to recognize the Confederacy. We will cover the international ramifications as well as what may have happened - had Richmond, and in particular Jefferson Davis and Stephen Mallory, been competent leaders.

picture of Farragut
RADM David G Farragut