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US Naval Civil War Reenactment

Battle of Mobile Bay

Ezra Seals, now a battle hardened officer, fresh from the Mississippi campaign is ordered to report to Admiral Farragut's force located outside Mobile Bay, Alabama. His crew, having encountered rebel forces on a near daily basis for the last several months are glad for the brief respite from the war. However, Ezra will soon witness the destruction of the USS Tecumseh.

Pre-engagement briefings with the Admiral reveal that there is an infernal machine (submarine) lurking in the Bay and two iron clads are nearing or are completed in construction.

Ezra is prepared to talk to the tactics and the strategy of defeating two large forts, running a gauntlet of torpedoes (mines) and the final actions against the CSS Tennessee.

And the terror of realizing that there was a submarine in the area after it and the crew is captured... Did the Tecumseh really hit a torpedo?

The sinking of the USS Tecumseh