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US Naval Civil War Reenactment

Daily Life of a Sailor

Learn what sailors did during their tours at sea during the War of the Rebellion

Sailors on the blockade faced the challenge of severe boredom and mutiny was always a threat. How did they cope with out news of their families?

Sailors in the brown water Navy fought battles alongside their Army brethren. What did they take ashore with them? What were their weapons?

And for all sailors what were their seabags stuffed with? How did they entertain themselves? How did they mend themselves? And how did what they do compare to civilian life?

Commander Seals will mesmerize you with how life was lived in this non-electric age where the modern industrial revolution was just beginning to take place

This presentation is appropriate for all age groups, and our reenactors will bring with them as many period materials as they can - from weapons to housewives, and gills to hardtack. We recommend allocating two hours for this. Our traveling museum has grown quite large and covering all the artifacts is difficult to do in only one hour. This is our most asked for presentation. Numerous stories (everything in the museum has a story behind it) are told and audience participation is a must.

picture of the museum
The Traveling Museum