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McLean Research Associates is dedicated to presenting little known facts about the US Navy in the Civil War, presentations on a myriad of astronomical topics,STEM workshops, and letterboxing.

In commemoration of the 160 years since the Civil War - or more appropriately in the vernacular of the day - The War of the Slaveholders' Rebellion - we are featuring a quote and picture of the day from the Naval Records

Period Picture
5th LT John Lowe, CSN
Fri Jan 17 1862

CDR Ridgely, USS Santiago De Cuba, writes to SECNAV, that he arrived in Havana on the 9th and that he discovered that the HMBS Conqueror was aground and offered to assist. The consul suggested putting it in writing which he did and the consul declined the offer saying the ship had been aground too long. He states that the amount of cargo shipping to rebel states "...has declined considerably in consequence of the vessels being captured or driven on shore by the blockading squadron. Small English schooners clear for Matamoras with coffee, which finds its way into Texas."

LT Behm, USS Southfield writes to FO Goldsborough, that there is a schooner with troops aboard outside Hampton Roads that is very short of water and is in need of a tow in.

BGEN Sherman and FO Du Pont, South Atlantic Blockading Squadron, continue writing back and forth from yesterday. BGEN Sherman writes that "The moment I can get some siege guns on the flats I shall proceed to the Savannah River and do what I can toward cutting off Pulaski, and probably lay a base for land operations. I will do this, not knowing how far you are now ready."

FO Du Pont orders LT McCauley, USS Flag to blockade duty off St. Simons Sound, Georgia

FO Du Pont orders CDR Gillis, USS Seminole, to "...send to Port Royal the U. S. gunboat Pembina and in her the contraband pilot Isaac Tattnall. The Norwich will take her place."

FO Dupont orders LT Duncan, USS Norwich to proceed to blockade duty off Wassaw Inlet, Georgia

LT Watmough, USS Potomska, reports his arrival and having run aground near Cape Lookout Shoal during heavy weather. He believes the ship suffered no damage but he suspects his compass is off by several degrees as he steered east by 1.5 points and still ran aground. He desire to correct the compass before going to sea again.

LT Pattison, USS Sumpter, writes to SECNAV that his ship suffered boiler damage and he needs five days to repair it at Fortress Monroe before proceeding.

SECNAV writes to SECTREAS requesting he consign ships to provide fresh provision to ships at Port Royal because of scurvy

FO Du Pont orders CDR Rogers, USS Flag to make a reconnaissance of Walls Cut (depth, width, turning radius, etc) with Cpt Wilson, Topographical Engineers along with "... Lieutenant Barnes, of this ship, the two pilots, Acting Masters Godfrey and Maffards, and the contraband pilot, William."

LT Winslow, USS Cuyler, writes to SECNAV recommending Edward Dorsey, Landsman, for a congressional medal. Dorsey was severely wounded in the right arm at the incident at Mobile Bar and coolly told "...the officer in charge of the boat that he had one arm left and would pull as long as he could use that."

MGEN McClellan writes MGEN Halleck, Department of Missouri, leaving it to him to procure the needed crews for the 7 new gunboats for the Western Waters

CDRs Pennock and Stembel report to FO Foot, Western Waters, that the Benton while of good qualities everywhere, the exception is the engines which propel the ship too slowly, allowing only knots ahead going up river. She take 12-18 minutes to turn, needs wheels and rudder to turn, and is overall very sluggish. They recommend adding addition engine power.

Teachers and Educators - we have several Civil War presentations covering the US Navy throughout the Civil War which include our portable museum, Submarines, and key naval and land battles. Check out our Civil War section for more details. We also have several presentations on astronomy for all age groups

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