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Astrophotography Gallery

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NameDate TakenCommentPictureNameDate TakenCommentPicture
M-27 OCT 2016redo with barlowM-2
M-321 MAR 2018redo with barlowM-3
M-518 JUN 2018M-5
M-73 JUL 2018M-7
M-102 JUL 2018M-10
M-117 OCT 2016M-11M-122 JUL 2018M-12
M-1329 SEP 2016M-13
M-1529 SEP 2016M-15
M-242 JUL 2018M-10
M-252 JUL 2018M-25
M-2923 APR 2018M-29
M-3312 OCT 2018Triangulum GalaxyM33
M-3920 OCT 2016M-39M-4022 OCT 2016M-40
M-42 4 DEC 2918M-42
M-4920 JUN 2018M-49
M-5120 APR 2018M-51-2M-5220 JUN 2018M-52
M-562 JUL 2018M-56
M-5728 SEP 2016Ring NebulaM-57
M-7122 SEP 2016M-71
M-7322 SEP 2016redoM-73M-745 AUG 2018M-74
M-784 DEC 2018M-78
M-9225 SEP 2016M-92
M-10121 APR 2018M-101
Mizar18 APR 2018Mizar NGC-246
SKULL Nebula
4 DEC 2018NGC-246
Owl Cluster
27 JUL 2016NGC-457
NGC-819 2 JUL 2018NGC-819 NGC-8695 OCT 201860 - 1 minute exposures
No guiding
NGC-8865 OCT 201860 - 1 minute exposures
No guiding
NGC-886 NGC-89630 OCT 201890 - 1 minute exposures
No guiding
NGC-143514 OCT 201860 - 1 minute exposures
No guiding
NGC-1435 NGC-149117 OCT 2018NGC-1491
NGC-19774 DEC 201860 - 1 minute exposures
No guiding
NGC-1977 NGC-20248 DEC 201860 - 1 minute exposures
No guiding
NGC-62102 JUL 2018NGC-6210 NGC-65432 JUL 2018NGC-6543
NGC-682425 SEP 2016NGC-6824 NGC-687125 SEP 2016NGC-6871
NGC-699230 JUN 2018Veil NebulaNGC-6992 NGC-7331 2 JUL 2018NGC-7331
NGC-7635 1 JUL 2018Bubble NebulaNGC-7635 NGC-766214 OCT 2016Blue Snowball NebulaNGC-7662
NGC-7686 1 JUL 2018NGC-7686
IC5914 OCT 2018IC59

Barndoor Tracker Pictures

16h50 47°25'12 MAY 201859-1minute exposuressky 16h50_47-25