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McLean Research Associates is dedicated to presenting little known facts about the US Navy in the Civil War, presentations on a myriad of astronomical topics, and letterboxing.

In commemoration of the 155 years since the Civil War - or more appropriately in the vernacular of the day - The War of the Slaveholders' Rebellion - we are featuring a quote and picture of the day from the Naval Records

Period Picture
USS Saugus
Sun Apr 27 1862

CDR Pickering, USS Kearsarge writes to CDR Craven, USS Tuscarora, stating that he has no more information regarding the status of the Sumter than Craven does. He has written a draft report to SECNAV but not sent it, saying of CDR Thatcher, USS Constellation, "I hope he will assume the prerogatives of the flag, as I feel confident from the changed and changing state of affairs at home he will eventually be required to do." He is hoping that Thatcher will make the decision to abandon the blockade of Sumter but he tells Craven that he thinks it will be a while longer until then.

CDR Lockwood, USS Daylight writes to FO Goldsborough, North Atlantic Blockading Squadron, the details of the capture of Fort Macon. His ships (except the bark Gemsbok which anchored) steamed in a circle throwing shells into the fort at long range 1 1/4 miles. The sea becoming violent, forced him to cease firing and presuming they would be at it for days he withdrew. That evening a flag of truce appeared upon the fort with the surrender taking place in the morning. He had one man wounded by splinter, breaking an arm. He expended half his 15 second fuzes and severely damaged the fort upon inspection afterwards.

LT Bryson, USS Chippewa adds "I am surprised that our firing should have been so accurate, when I take into consideration the rolling of the vessel. At times the muzzle of our XI-inch pivot gun was within a very short distance of the water>"


LT Edward Cavendy, USS Gemsbok indicates he had not enough 15 second fuzes so he fired shot instead. His vessel had some rigging torn, but no casualties

FO Goldsborough writes to SECNAV that he is in need of 100 men for ships in his command. The Galena has been repaired.

CDR Glisson, SOPA Wilmington, writes to FO Goldsborough that his ships are leaving in need of supplies and that he will have only two vessels available and he needs more for an adequate blockade.

LT Badger, USS Anacostia, writes to LT Wise, Bureau of Ordnance suggesting the use of liquid fire on the Monitor to prevent her capture by a boarding party from the Virginia. "The pipe of a hose thrown out of the small holes in the dome, or out of the pilot house, would, I think, clear the decks sooner than the heaviest discharge of musketry that could possibly be brought to bear." He suggests bringing this to the attention of ASSIST SECNAV.

MGEN Wool writes to FO Goldsborough that he is sending a contraband recently from Norfolk with intelligence concerning the Merrimack and news about the fleet at New Orleans

COL Edward Hopkins, CSA writes to LT Ammen, USS Seneca that the removal of women and children from Jacksonville is agreeable and shall be done by next Thursday.

LT Upshar, USS Falmbeau, reports to FO Du Pont, South Atlantic Blockading Squadron the capture of the Active a schooner carrying cargo from Nassau. From a Masonic diploma it is evident that he was in Chalreston on the 3rd of March. The ship was flying English colors. He has not had time to inspect the cargo, and is very shorthanded in need of seven men in addition to his prize crew.

FO Du Pont orders CAPT Lardner, USS Susquehanna, to Hampton Roads, and expressing his utmost thanks for a job well done. "The rifled howitzer of the Susquehanna, now on board the Hope, will be returned this very evening."

FO Du Pont writes to SECNAV, railing at losing his most efficient commander and ship. He is fearful of 3 ironclads coming from France, and ironclad ram building in Charleston and one in Savannah. "The Department is sending me more and more stringent directions in reference to the blockade, directing courts of enquiry to be held for any infractions of it, and the Senate is passing resolutions reflecting on myself and my officers, and I appeal to the justice of the Department if this is a moment to reduce my force and take from me my most efficient ships and most experienced officers.".

FO Farragut, West Gulf Blockading Squadron, writes to CAPT Bailey, USS Colorado, wishing him well and sending him back to New York "in order that you may receive that attention which your situation requires. And in taking leave of you, permit me to express my sincere thanks for the ready and able assistance you have given me as my second in command during the expedition up the Mississippi."

Teachers and Educators - we have several Civil War presentations covering the US Navy throughout the Civil War which include our portable museum, Submarines, and key naval and land battles. Check out our Civil War section for more details. We also have several presentations on astronomy for all age groups

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Want to know what the Navy was doing 155 years ago? Let us give you a briefing, much as would be given to the President or Congress, outlining what the 6 major squadrons and 1 flotilla were accomplishing.

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