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McLean Research Associates is dedicated to producing software that works, web sites that are tuned to human beings, presenting little known facts about the US Civil War, and accomplishing genealogical research.

We also will accomplish research in our local Norwich, CT library for a minimal fee.

In commemoration of the 150 years since the Civil War - or more appropriately in the vernacular of the day - The War of the Slaveholders' Rebellion - we are featuring a quote and picture of the day from the Naval Records

Period Picture
Crew of the USS Vermont
Thu Aug 03 1865

SECNAV telegrams RADM G. F. PEARSON, Pacific Squadron, "Shenandoah making depredations in Pacific. Department relies upon you to effect her capture."

SECNAV writes RADM Pearson "We have unofficial information that the rebel pirate Shenandoah was at last accounts destroying our whaling ships in the North Pacific. This intelligence reached you probably as soon as we obtained it here, and I doubt not you have exercised all necessary vigilance to capture her if possible. Being an erratic ship, without country or destination, no definite instructions can be given you, and the Department must confide in your judgment and discretion to effect her destruction, provided she is or shall at any time come within the limits of your command; nor will you hesitate should you deem it necessary to dispatch any one of your squadron in pursuit.
    Although the English Government, in pursuance of that policy of encouragement to the rebels which has governed it through the whole of the civil contest in which we have been engaged, did not at once interdict supplies to the rebel pirates on the suppression of the rebellion, the Shenandoah must soon be, if she has not already been, denied hospitality in British as well as in other ports.
    Until you shall have ascertained that her career has been closed, you will be vigilant in regard to her, and always alive to the protection of American commerce."

RADM Henry K Thatcher, Gulf Squadron, writes SECNAV from Key West "I have the honor to inform the Department that I arrived at this port on the 1st instant. I have discharged all the workmen from the machine shop here (with the exception of the foreman, who is temporarily detained for the transfer of the property) and offered passage North to such of them as desired to avail themselves of it.
    The work of altering the storehouse and constructing the coal wharf is progressing satisfactorily under the able supervision of Acting Assistant Paymaster Philbrick. The speedy completion of the storehouse is very desirable, as the Department will then be released from the heavy rent demanded for the building now occupied as such.
    After having disposed of the vessels here advantageously, I shall return to Pensacola, Mobile, and New Orleans."

RADM Samuel P Lee, Mississippi Squadron, writes CAPT Percival Drayton, Bureau of Navigation and Office of Detail "The following-named officers were this day detached from vessel and squadron and given permission to await at their residences the action of the Department, viz:

R. C. Eckstein Assistant surgeon General LyonPhiladelphia, Pa.
Thos. Cordwell Acting ensign do Tipton, In.
Ed. W. Robinson Mate do Erie, Pa.
Saml. C. JohnsonActing assistant surgeon do Oriole Darlington, wis.
John H. EverhartFirst assistant engineer do Lawrenceburg, Ind.
Ignatius Daum cting ensign do Cincinnati, Ohio.
John B. Hiserman do do Galena, Ill.
G. M. Dansbury Actg. 2d assistant engineer do New Richmond, Ohio.
Andrew Lusk Actg. 3d assistant engineer do Dayton, Ohio.
Real Devisnay do do Cincinnati, Ohio.
Jay Nyman Mate do Chicago, Ill.
E. Y. Gassaway do do Madison, Ind.
Perry South Actg. 1st assistant engineer Peosta New Albany, Ind.
G. w. Marfield Actg. 3d assistant engineer do Galena, Ill.
N. w. Tracy Mate do Columbus Ohio
L. W. Hastings Acting ensign do Mineral, Ill.
G. w. Kepler Mate do Erie, Pa.
Thos. H. Green Acting gunner Mound Citywashington, D. C."

    Lieutenant-Commander John J. Cornwell was, on the 1st instant, detached from vessel and squadron and given permission to await at his residence in St. Paul, Minn., the Departments action.

Teachers and Educators - we have several Civil War presentations covering the US Navy throughout the Civil War which include our portable museum, Submarines, and key naval and land battles. Check out our Civil War section for more details.

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Want to know what the Navy was doing 150 years ago? Let us give you a briefing, much as would be given to the President or Congress, outlining what the 6 major squadrons and 1 flotilla were accomplishing.

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