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McLean Research Associates is dedicated to producing software that works, web sites that are tuned to human beings, presenting little known facts about the US Civil War and presentations on a myriad of astronomical topics

We also will accomplish research in our local Norwich, CT library for a minimal fee.

In commemoration of the 155 years since the Civil War - or more appropriately in the vernacular of the day - The War of the Slaveholders' Rebellion - we are featuring a quote and picture of the day from the Naval Records

Period Picture
USS Ozark
Fri Feb 28 1862

LT Flusser, USS Commodore Perry, writes in his after action report of the Battle of Elizabeth City, that she engaged the fort and then concentrated on the CSS Sea Bird, eventually overhauling and capturing it. , "While engaged receiving the prisoners ten of the enemy's small steamers ran around, very close to, firing at us with musketry, by which 2 of my men were killed and an officer wounded.

SECNAV orders CDR Thatcher, US Sloop Constellation to deploy to the Mediterranean to protect US commerce and hunt the Sumter.

CDR Armstrong, USS State of Georgia writes to FO Goldsborough, North Atlantic Blockading Squadron, that the CSS Nashville, made it into Beaufort Harbor. His log indicated that they fire 3 shots from their pivot gun and 4 broadsides. The Nashville flew the American colors and No. 9. These were hauled down when they crossed the bar and replaced with a Confederate Flag forward and British colors aft. The British colors were then replaced with Confederate colors. He is low on coal and requested another ship to blockade Beaufort, He must depart soon for Fortress Monroe for coal.

CAPT Marston, SOPA Hampton Roads, acknowledges the letter forwarded to him concerning two ships running the York River blockade every fortnight and states that the Gemsbok went to sea today.

CAPT Van Brunt, USS Minnesota, writes to FO Goldsborough that MGEN McLellan made a forward movement and that General Banks may have been repulsed and captured in Winchester, VA. There is fighting on the Potomac but he is tired of being idle and wishes the Merrimack would come out. Just received..."General Banks has crossed the Potomac with 40,O00 men, and that General McClellan has gone to his assistance with 30,000."

BGEN Burnside invites FO Goldsborough to dine with him tomorrow at 3PM. They will have two bridge burnings tomorrow one at New Berne and the other for Washington, NC.

CAPT Marston, write to FO Goldsborough of the destruction of the Forbes and the arrival of the Amanda and Chippewa.

Chief Engineer Stimers writes to CMDR Joseph Smith, Chief of Bureau of Yards and Docks, that Ericsson is enhancing the power of the movement of the rudder and feels when done it will be sufficient. However, Command Worden is wanting a board of three naval officers to travel with him to ensure it is adequate.

SECNAV writes to FO Du Pont, South Atlantic Blockading Squadron to be ever vigilant and to stop the communication between Nassau and the rebels.

FO Du Pont orders Master Mathers, USS Henry Andrew, to Wassaw Sound where he may be of more use than going on the expedition.

CDR DD Porter, writes to SECNAV of the arrival of the Harriet Lane. "All of the Mortar Flotilla have arrived without accident, excepting the Norfolk Packet, the Oliver H. Lee, and the Maria J Carlton". The mortar drills are excellent.

The President telegrams MGEN Halleck that he is to release the 2 gunboats on the Cumberland for repairs if they are not needed. To which Halleck replies that MGEN McClellan already ordered them sent to Nashville

LT Henry Wise telegrams FO Foote, Western Waters, saying that the President approves the wharf boat purchase, the two gunboats have been ordered to Cairo for repairs, "Two gunners and 50 seamen go from New York and 100 men from the lakes. The howitzers last called for left by express three days ago.

LT Henry Wise, Bureau of Ordnance, writes to ASSIST SECTREAS that the President is wanting funds to be sent to FO Foote

FO Foote telegrams the President that he has 1 ironclad and 2 wooden gunboats on patrol on the Cumberland and Tennessee rivers. "I am apprehensive that Tennessee is not so loyal as many suppose. Columbus will fight.

FO Foote writes to BGEN Meigs, Quartermaster General of the Army complaining that the 600 men sent to him have not had their accounts settled. He is going to pay the $18.00 per month, but want the Army to pay them up to the time of their transfer to the Navy.

Teachers and Educators - we have several Civil War presentations covering the US Navy throughout the Civil War which include our portable museum, Submarines, and key naval and land battles. Check out our Civil War section for more details. We also have several presentations on astronomy for all age groups

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Want to know what the Navy was doing 155 years ago? Let us give you a briefing, much as would be given to the President or Congress, outlining what the 6 major squadrons and 1 flotilla were accomplishing.

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